The Company

Aero4M is a Slovenian airline born to join high European aeronautical standards set up by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) with local Slovenian aviation experts and highly experienced Regourd Aviation’s Management team.

Founded in 2008, originally as a line and base maintenance organisation for helicopters, Aero4M then also turned into an airline and CAMO in June 2012, when its AOC and CAMO approval were delivered. Aero4M’s maiden flight was performed at the same time with its first aircraft, a Falcon 900B.

Aero4M currently operate a mix of Falcon 900EX and two Embraer 135, Embraer 145 and ATR 72, mainly in Central Africa. However, ad-hoc charter flights may be organised to other destinations, whether in Europe or the Middle East.

This fleet is particularly adapted for your medium to long haul business trips, in compliance with the highest aeronautical safety standards and in accordance with your specific needs.