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Poslovna cona A12
4208 Šenčur

 : +386 59 032 920

Aircraft maintenance

Aero 4M is Part 145 approved maintenance organisation, organized to provide high quality base and line maintenance not only for aircraft operated by Aero 4M or Regourd Aviation Group, but also to support various aircraft and helicopters operators in specific complex environment in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
We currently perform maintenance on the following aircraft types:

  • EMB 135/145, ATR 42/72, EMB 120, B200, Jestream 31/32, Cessna 441 and Pilatus PC 6;
  • Dauphin AS 365, Agusta A109, A119 and A139 helicopter

With our present line maintenance bases in Europe (Slovenia, France, Channel Islands), in Aisa (Turkey) and in Africa (Congo,  Chad) we support both our own and our customers operations.